Natural and Engineered Stone Countertops in Alexandria, VA

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    United Granite Provides Countertops in Alexandria, VA

    A beautiful countertop can help make a kitchen, living space, or bar more inviting and appealing. The countertop serves as a display setting, workspace, and alluring area around which family and friends can gather. Because it serves so many roles, you need a residential countertop that is durable, low-maintenance, and beautiful. United Granite provides natural and engineered stone countertops in Alexandria, VA. Whether you want a picturesque kitchen, bright bathroom, or extravagant fireplace, a countertop may be the missing piece that completes the puzzle. Visit our showroom in Alexandria today to view our wide array of countertop styles and learn about our comprehensive services.

    We Offer A Wide Range of Countertop Styles

    Residential countertops are unique and should represent the aesthetic of your home. Selecting a countertop for your home in Alexandria, VA is not a decision you should take lightly. Among the many factors you must consider are color, style, and type. The friendly staff in our showroom will help you recognize the different characteristics of each slab. We have decades’ worth of experience with various residential granite and stone countertops, which allows us to direct you to the perfect style for your needs. We carry more than 200 colors and 2,000 slabs. Our materials include:

    Our Showroom Has Various Residential Countertops on Display

    Shopping for countertops is different than surfing Amazon to find a good book to read. You will not be able to get a full grasp on the color, texture, or appearance of a residential natural or engineered stone countertop without visiting our stone showroom in Alexandria, VA and seeing it for yourself. United Granite has displays featuring kitchen countertops, tabletops, bathroom vanity tops, and various other settings to help you visualize how full slabs of granite or stone will look in your house. The characteristics of countertops are plenty. To aid in your decision-making process, our professional staff will detail the differences and intricacies such as the type of edge and an appropriate faucet and sink. We will also highlight factors like durability and maintenance.

    United Granite Will Fabricate and Install Your Countertops

    United Granite is not just a middleman in the home improvement industry. When you visit our showroom, you are going to meet a professional staff that does it all. We have spent more than twenty years providing comprehensive services to customers in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Washington, DC. We have several fabrication shops where we create each of the products necessary to complete your home remodel. Doing things on our own helps expedite the manufacturing process and deliver your new residential natural and engineered stone countertops as quickly as possible. Additionally, we have a team of professional installers with a wealth of experience who can mount your kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity top correctly and efficiently. You can simply sit back and enjoy the finished product.

    Visit United Granite’s Stone Showroom in Alexandria, VA

    United Granite proudly provides custom-fabricated natural and engineered stone products in Alexandria, VA. We are committed to delivering products with design integrity, durability, and elegance. Our stone showroom in Alexandria displays many of our styles and products in candid splendor to help you choose a residential countertop that is perfect for your home. Once you have made a selection, we will fabricate your countertop to meet the specifications of your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, or other area. Our team will then arrange a time for professional installation. Contact us today to get started.