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How To Pick The Perfect Engineered Quartz Countertop For Your Renovation

If you are looking for a stunning countertop made with a beautiful man-made material but with the look of natural stone, engineered quartz may be for you. The material has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Once you consider its beautiful aesthetic and easy maintenance, it is easy to see why. The material is virtually cut and scrape resistant, and holds up well to spills and other minor signs of damage. Homeowners planning kitchen or bathroom renovations should strongly consider investing in engineered quartz countertops. Picking the perfect one for your area is easy if you keep a few tips in mind.

Consider The Natural Lighting In The Room

When picking the color and shade of your countertop, be sure you consider the natural lighting in the room. This can dramatically affect how your counter looks once it is installed. Always visit a showroom rather than purchase online without seeing the product in person. Once there, you can speak with sales associates about the best way to consider your home’s unique lightening situation when you make this purchase. In some cases, you may be able to take home sample strips that you can view in the room itself.

Think About Other Surfaces In The Area

When choosing your engineered quartz countertop, you should also think about the other surfaces in the area. For example, you would not want your countertop to contrast too strongly with the floor or cupboards. This can be visually distracting and will detract from the look of the room as a whole. If you are only resurfacing your counters and not refinishing your floors or other surfaces areas, keep the shades, textures, and colors of these other areas in mind. If possible, bring pictures or samples of them with you to the showroom when you select your countertop.

You should also consider the countertop in relation to the color of the walls. Most homeowners repaint when they complete renovations. When selecting the new shade for your walls, bring samples of the countertop with you. You should also bring samples of paint strips and compare them against the shade and color of quartz you select for your counters. This is the best way to ensure that everything flows well within the room once your renovations are complete.

Ask Yourself About The Anticipated Use Of The Countertop

You may also want to think about how the counters will likely be used once they are installed. Homeowners who plan to do a lot of cooking or baking may prefer counters in a lighter shade so that spills are readily apparent and can be cleaned up fast. Those putting quartz in their bathrooms may prefer something a bit darker, so they can notice things like toothpaste stains faster. Considering the area and how you intend to use the counter can help you find the best one for you.

Pick A Quartz Countertop You Love

Above all else, pick something you personally love. Your countertop is a major player in any renovation, regardless of whether the room is your kitchen your bathroom. Counters are often the focal point of the room, bringing the whole thing together. Engineered quartz is a very resilient material, meaning it can last a long time.

Homeowners who make the decision in haste, or who pick something trendy without considering their personal feelings toward the counter, may find they lose interest in the room fast. Picking something you love ensures you will be happy with your renovations for years to come. Do not get hung up on what is trendy or in fashion this season. Instead, look for a timeless counter that you cannot wait to see in your home.