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Finding The Best Accessories For Your Granite Fireplace

Granite is one of the most resilient natural stones available. It has a versatile, stunning look that is perfectly suited for any area in your home. Most people use granite in their countertops, flooring, and backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms. The material is resistant to heat and scratches. It also holds up well against the test of time. For this reason, granite is popular in these areas of the home.

Homeowners are also turning to granite for their fireplaces in growing numbers. The stone gives a dramatic look to your hearth, and can bring a new level of class to any room. Making the decision to install a granite fireplace is easy once you take a look at the many beautiful ones available. Take a look at a showroom near you to see just how stunning these fireplaces can be. Once you select the perfect one for your home, you need to pick accessories and other home décor items to go with your new fireplace.

Avoid Detracting From The Fireplace Itself

Whenever you select any accessories or decorative items to go with your fireplace, be sure they do not detract from the hearth itself. You do not want to overwhelm the senses by going overboard with décor. Be sure you pick pieces that work with, rather than compete against, the fireplace. Your eye should never feel torn in different directions. Instead, the whole area should visually flow well. This means picking pieces that do not contrast in color or texture. It may also mean selecting other items in the room that work with the fireplace. For example, if the fireplace you select is modestly sized, you may not want to fill the room with oversized furniture or giant paintings. These design choices can actually minimize the appearance of the fireplace.

Consider Installing A Mantle

If the fireplace you select is of a bigger size, you may wish to install a mantle as well. In most cases, the mantle will be the same material as the fireplace itself. A granite mantle can be a stunning addition to any room. Be sure you decorate it with care as well. Do not overfill the mantle top with knick-knacks, photos, or other decorative items. A minimalistic touch will be sure that the focus is still on the fireplace, where it belongs. Pick a few decorative items that work well with the granite, but are not distracting to the eye.

Think About The Safety Of Your Family

You should also think about your family’s safety when selecting fireplace accessories. If you have young children, or if young children visit often, you may want to consider purchasing things like guards, gates, and protective cases for any fireplace tools you may have. Children are sometimes drawn to things that can cause them harm, and a stunning granite fireplace can be a tempting play area. Be sure you take all precautionary measures possible to keep your family safe. If you are uncertain about which steps you should take, speak with a sales associate at the granite showroom. This individual can help walk you through fireplace safety.

You should also invest in these safety steps if you have pets at home. Cats and dogs in particular may be interested in the fireplace, especially when first installed. Hearths are often a warm and tempting spot to take a nap. Be sure that you keep your pets safe from accidental burns and other injuries by investing in fireplace gates that are animal-proof. Your granite sales expert can also walk you through these types of protective measures to help keep your pets safe.