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Decorating Your Bathroom After Installing Granite Tile Floors

Bathroom renovations can be very exciting, especially once they are finished. Homeowners and buyers alike love the look of a freshly renovated bathroom. Installing granite tile flooring is a great way to add a bit of elegance to your bathroom without sacrificing durability. Granite is resistant to scratches, dents, and heat. This makes it perfect for both bathrooms and kitchens. It is also remarkably easy to keep clean. Most homeowners simply use warm soapy water to keep their granite tiles in like-new condition.

To ensure your floors stand out, you may want to pick bathroom accessories that compliment your granite. It may seem a bit odd to choose accessories that will highlight the floor. However, rich and elegant flooring deserves to be noticed. It is also a great way to highlight the other new aspects of your bathroom. For example, a beautiful new pedestal sink looks much nicer contrasted against the warm, dark tones of a granite floor than linoleum. Keep the following tips in mind to emphasize your beautiful floors while complimenting the rest of your renovated bathroom.

Tip #1: Choose Fixtures That Contrast with The Floor

Before you start shopping around for new towels, you need to pick new fixtures. Even if your existing ones still function, a bathroom renovation looks better when all aspects are upgraded at once. This means choosing new faucets for your sink and your shower. If you are completely redoing your bathroom, it may also mean finding a new sink, toilet, and tub.

When you look around for these fixtures, try to contrast them with the floor. If the granite you choose is dark in tone, opt for a white sink, toilet, and tub. Consider buying fixtures that are brushed silver or brushed bronze in tone. Brushed metal tones are easier on the eye, and do not detract from other design elements.

Tip #2: Look For Accessories That Compliment The Existing Shades

When it comes time to choose your accessories, look for ones that compliment existing shades. Avoid going with one solid color throughout the bathroom. This can be distracting and often makes the area look too clinical. Look for towels, bathmats, and other accessories in shades that work with the floor and fixtures.

Homeowners should also avoid buying accessories that are overly trendy. Trends come and go quite quickly. In fact, nothing makes a home look older than it is faster than outdated styles. Buying timeless and elegant accessories helps your bathroom look newer longer.

Tip #3: Buy What You Love

While it is important to avoid trends, it is equally as important to find something you love. Even if your renovations are meant to help sell your home, find accessories and fixtures that you personally find stunning. Keeping your tastes and preferences in mind helps you purchase accessories that work well together. It is always easier for people to pick out Pinterest ready items when they are passionate about the style. Choosing a style you hate will deter you from completing this otherwise enjoyable task.

Tip #4: Shop From A Reputable Retailer

Regardless of the item you purchase, be sure you shop from a reputable retailer. Always buy your flooring from a retailer that is a granite expert, rather than a “one stop shop” type of store. These department-style stores do not always have the best quality products. Reputable retailers are able to supply you with the flooring you need and may be able to help you source out other suppliers for the rest of your renovations.

Homeowners should also shop from locations that offer installation services. Flooring and plumbing are not tasks that homeowners should undertake without extensive experience.