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How To Pick The Best Granite For Your Fireplace

Installing or remodeling a fireplace can add instant charm to any area. Fireplaces are often the focal point of the room, and they make a statement in a way that very few other fixtures can. It is important to be careful when you decide which style and color of granite to use. Granite is a beautiful and diverse stone, making it perfect for fireplaces. It is also naturally heat resistant, and will not fade with time or use. Following the tips below can help you find the best style for your home.

Consider The Lighting

When you shop around, remember that the granite you see online or in a showroom may not look the same when you bring it home. The room’s natural and artificial lighting can change how the granite looks in a dramatic way.

The best way to be sure the granite will look the same in your home is to ask for samples. Bring these samples home and compare them in the area where the fireplace will be. Doing so can help you see how the granite will look once installed.

Look At Your Room’s Current Décor

Think about the current décor in your room. If you are happy with the rest of the room’s appearance, keep this in mind. You should choose granite in a style and color that will compliment the rest of the room. While a fireplace is a statement piece, it should still flow with the existing style.

If you plan on redecorating in a few years, try to find granite in a neutral shade. Opting for a solid yet neutral color will give you greater flexibility when you decide to repaint or redecorate.

Think About Ongoing Maintenance

If you have already decided to go with granite, you know that it is relatively easy to maintain. Granite is a natural stone, and as a result, it is important to avoid harsh chemicals and cleaning products. This is true regardless of the granite’s location. You should care for your granite fireplace the same way you would care for your countertops and tiles.

Families with active lives may want to purchase granite in a darker shade. White or other light colors will show soot and dirt faster. It is important to clean your fireplace often, but it is not necessary to remove every piece of soot immediately. Picking darker colors can help reduce this type of pressure.

Ask A Sales Associate For Guidance

Never buy granite without first visiting a showroom. Granite can look different under various conditions. Seeing it in person will guarantee that the stone you buy is the one you want.

Going to a showroom in person can also help you find the perfect slab of granite. Sales staff have many years of experience working with this type of material. They can help you find the perfect shade and pattern for any room’s décor. You may want to bring paint samples or photos of the room when you attend. This can help your granite expert understand exactly what you are hoping for.

Granite is a perfect stone for fireplaces. It is naturally heat resistant. This means it will not warp or fade with time or fireplace use. When shopping around, ask an associate about how you can keep your granite looking it’s best when used in a fireplace. You may find that it helps your fireplace look beautiful for a longer period of time.

Prioritize Your Personal Tastes

Remodeling or installing a fireplace is an investment in your home. Be sure you pick one that you personally love. Ignore the recent trends and instead focus on buying the stone you like the best. This will ensure you enjoy your fireplace for years to come.