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The Versatility and Timeless Essence of Marble and Granite Countertops

Increasing the value of your home comes down to the details. Whether revamping for personal preferences, or looking to increase the resale value, many homeowners take note of their countertop when attempting to add a level of quality and sophistication to their residence. Additionally, many homeowners flounder between the choice of marble or granite countertops when make decorative decisions.

Here, we’ll discuss the advantages of granite countertops in your home, and look at why marble might make a better home accent piece than a countertop when all is said and done.

The many misadventures of marble

When it comes down to appearances, the aesthetic appeal of both marble and granite is hard to beat. Both of these stone-based materials provide a wide selection of color, design and dimension that can add a unique flare to any home countertop. However, when looking at your family’s lifestyle and needs, it’s important to understand a few key qualities associated with marble that might cause it to fall into second place behind granite as an ideal choice for a countertop material.

While extremely pleasing to the eye, marble tends to be very susceptible to scratching, staining and overall dulling. Particularly if you are looking to install new countertops in your kitchen, a marble countertop that is prone to damage might not be the best choice when working with food preparation and high volume traffic. When it comes to genera durability, granite countertops are typically longer lasting than marble countertops.

Battling bacteria

Another important factor to consider when choosing a countertop material is the surface’s ability to foster bacteria. Marble, as a stone, is naturally more porous than granite. This means that a marble countertop is more likely to harbor bacteria in grooves and natural crevices than a granite countertop would be. Especially if you are planning on installing a marble countertop in your kitchen, it’s important to consider the amount of food products and even cleaning products that will be utilized on a daily basis. If you are a family that cooks daily, it might be wise to consider a granite countertop that can be easily cleaned and doesn’t absorb bacteria as quickly as a marble surface.

Consider accents

While marble may not be as efficient as a countertop surface as granite, its aesthetic appeal and durability makes it an ideal accent stone piece. Many homeowners choose to install granite countertops and utilize smaller, marble accents to bring a unique edge to their new installation. If you love the look of marble, but aren’t willing to invest in the maintenance a softer stone countertop requires, consider purchasing a granite countertop and using marble to bring out the best in your new home design!

Mining advantages

Marble countertops have an undeniable beauty about them, but they also tend to come with a slightly higher price tag than granite countertops. This is sometimes associated with mining trends that are innately linked to the stones themselves. Local mining practices cuts down on the cost of importing materials and shipping finished products from abroad. In general, this indicates faster installation turn over times as well because most granite companies can guarantee faster deliveries to their customers. If you’re looking for a quick home renovation, a granite countertop could possibly make its way into your home a little more quickly and with a slightly lower price tag than a marble countertop. If you’re on a strict timeline or renovation budget, this is definitely a factor to consider.

Recognizing the power of resistance

While marble countertops are more prone to scratching and dulling with time, it’s important to think about specific materials that will be placed on the countertops as well. It’s well known that marble countertops tend to be less resistant to both heat and chemicals than granite countertops. Homeowners that are considering installing marble countertops in their kitchens need to be aware that heat from ovens, microwaves and stovetops are bound to affect this stone more significantly than it would a granite surface. Additionally, strong cleaning products that are used to clean up messes, or even cooking oils that are accidentally spilled, have the potential to damage marble surfaces as they are absorbed in to the porous stone upon cooking or cleaning. It is highly advisable that homeowners who spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, or use high heat when cooking regularly opt for granite countertops over marble surfaces as a way of ensuring a countertop’s beauty and longevity.

While marble is a bit more fragile than granite, it definitely brings a unique decorative flare to the home. What are a few ways that you would consider using marble accent pieces alongside granite countertops in your house to bring out the best in your new design?

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2 Responses

  1. James

    I’d recommend using marble as a back splash, a kitchen island, or a bar. For fireplaces, Jacuzzi, or outdoor kitchens, it would be granite all the way.

  2. Preeti

    i would suggest caesarstone over granite. As caesarstone has less maintenance over granite. They also costs less as compared to granite.. They have many advantages over granite.
    Thank you for the information that you have shared to choose the right countertop.