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United Granite Countertops: Durable Designs and Lifelong Impressions

At United Granite, our number one priority is quality and satisfaction.  With over 2,000 slabs of fine stone in stock, United is able to bring creative visions to life in your home or office with unmatched efficiency and a proven track record of superior professionalism.  While you are carefully considering everything from granite countertop colors to granite countertop prices, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.  Our dedicated and highly trained professional staff is available to ensure customer satisfaction from vision to installation.  Whether you’re looking to install granite countertops in your kitchen, bathroom or company office, it’s important to understand and be aware of all the options.  We’re here to make sure you are fully informed and will be receiving top-of-the line products.  At United Granite, we thrive on helping you make your design dreams a reality!

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops are not an interior afterthought, but in many cases, a lifelong investment.  The kitchen is often the most social and vibrant room in the home.  As a result, it is also the room that endures the greatest amount of use on a daily basis.  Granite kitchen countertops are perfect for the wear and tear a kitchen must hold up to, as they are extremely durable and easily cared for.  Easy to clean granite surfaces leave your home or office not only stunning, but help to create a healthier environment in which to live and work.  Because they maintain their superior quality even after excessive use, they can be counted on as a decorative staple in the home or office for years to come.  For homeowners considering resale options, granite is an investment that promotes both quality and durability to potential homebuyers.

Granite Countertop Colors

Granite countertops are not only strong; they also have the ability to make a unique statement in your home.  When decorating a home or office, it’s important that the interior represent the individuals who inhabit the space.  Because granite is available in a rainbow of colors, patterns and textures, granite countertops can be personalized to fit any style or taste.  From solid whites and beige tiles to exotic mixes of gray and gold countertop slabs, granite countertop colors are virtually limitless.  Pick the color or combination that speaks to your personal preference and United Granite will help you install your countertops within a day’s time.

Granite Countertop Prices

Just as there are an endless variety of color choices when it comes to choosing granite for your home or office, granite countertop prices are just as diverse.  This means that no matter what your budget entails, there’s a quality granite countertop that will fit your home and wallet.  Granite countertop prices differ according to granite color palette, pattern, location where the stone was mined and rarity on the market.  Let our knowledgeable staff at United Granite help guide you through the pricing process and determine which type of granite will fit your decorative taste while staying right on track with your budget.  It’s important to note that granite tends to lend itself to other stone accents as well.  Many people who purchase granite countertops choose to highlight their color choices with marble accent pieces or a unique backsplash.  When it comes to granite countertop prices, our customers can rest assure that their investment will leave a lifelong impression on their home and guests.

Where Our Granite Is Going

United Granite believes in providing only the highest quality granite as well as top-notch customer service.  Our expanding client list is a testament to United Granite’s dedication to the people we serve.  We’ve been thrilled to help a growing number of home owners and business professionals design, select and install granite countertops across several states to date.  If they have the vision, we have the resources in stock and ready.  So far, we’ve helped make design dreams come true by installing granite countertops for customers in Baltimore, Maryland, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Washington D.C. as well as Flemington, New Jersey!  Our customers in each of these locations have appreciated our granite’s unique characteristics including:

  • Durability
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Vibrant color options
  • Ability to adapt to various home color schemes
  • Pricing to fit any budget

With an emphasis on personalized service and a team of experts ready to help walk you through the granite selection process; United Granite is there to help bring granite countertops into your home today.  Don’t let the fear of color selection, installation hassle or cost keep you from your design dreams.  At United Granite, we believe everyone deserves quality and personalization in their home décor.  Let your granite countertops speak to your individual style, personal taste and long-term planning aspirations.  You’ll be happy you did for years to come!